The Friend

Ranking up there as the six of the hardest things I can think of that a man can go through in this life are…
Death of a loved one
A son coming out of the closet
Betrayal by a trusted friend
Well, my friend’s marriage is still doing fine but he’s suffered a few of the big six. As an friend and I listened to him talk about his ordeal, I couldn’t help think about Job’s friends who listened to him, then said he must have done something wrong.
My friend is good upstanding fellow with a sharp conscience, I doubt there was anything he did to incur such grief. I listened but had no advice, no council, no sage words of wisdom. But when he said he felt alone, I corrected him. When he felt pain, I felt his pain. When he shed tears, so did I. He was not alone. I suspect many others felt the same about him. He is not alone.

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