Gay or Not

Until a few years ago, the word “gay” meant someone was happy. The word was hijacked and now nobody dare use it in the same regard.
Queer was a derogatory term we used for someone who belonged in a mental institute. The phrase “we’re queer and we’re here” was coined, meaning we are homosexuals and we are not about to go away. They often refer to each other as queer, but god help you if you ever call them one.
Any person who doesn’t wholeheartedly endorse the homosexual lifestyle is referred to as a homophobic. Well, if they say I’m phobic about homos, then I should be able to call them homos. The term “gay” just seems so inappropriate as it appears as though they are not very happy about the life choices they’ve made. Someone who’s truly happy about their lifestyle doesn’t need legislation to force people to accept them. Why are we being bludgeoned into condoning something that in the past was always viewed as a fringe deviance of a few perverted people. Something that the bible refers to as vile, depraved and detestable behavior. Why is it so important that they would have to force the entire western world to alter their moral fiber to accept them?
Could it be that “misery likes company?” Maybe being a homo is not all that it’s cracked up to be after all.
Some misguided Christians go so far as to say God hates homos . I don’t believe that for a minute. I think they are sensing God’s heart towards their sin, but in their frustration, express it wrongly. The bible teaches that God loves all mankind, but it’s our behavior that He has a hard time with. I love my children, but when they misbehave, it bugs me. My love for them is never an issue, just their behavior.
Having homosexual temptations is not wrong, giving in to the temptation is very wrong. Some site genetic tendencies to excuse their behavior by saying “they were born that way.”
We learned from the old westerns that when Indians got into the white man’s liqueur, it made them go plum loco. But in the movies it was always the bad Indians that drank. Their genetics that gave them a lower tolerance than the white man to alcohol didn’t force them to drink. They always had a choice not to if they wanted.
Having given into a temptation leaves someone 3 options…
a./ justifying their sin as not really wrong. (In spite of what the bible says about it)
b./ stuffing their guilty conscience. (Generally people feel guilty… because they are guilty)
c./ repenting. Yes repenting!
God is a merciful God and offers forgiveness to all who seek Him in repentance.
God offers freedom from guilt and shame, reconciliation with Him, and freedom from the power of addiction to sin. In this, homo’s are no different than any other sinner. They are offered the privilege of repenting of their sins, if they so choose.

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