The Visionary

Without determined people pushing through with their ideas, new frontiers would never be discovered. At times a visionary comes across as bull headed, single minded, focused, even obsessed.
The Holy Spirit’s leading by contrast is gentile and fluid, so very quiet and unobtrusive. Almost as though He wasn’t even there.
Our job is to be steadfast and true to our vision, at the same time be flexible enough that the Holy Spirit could interrupt our course with a new direction.
This involves holding our vision lightly before The Lord. If He is truly our Lord, then we’ve given Him permission to do such a thing. When we take personal ownership of a vision, it’s difficult to hold it lightly because our desire to fulfill it can become stronger than our desire to please Him. Also our pride can keep us on course when God may have wanted us to alter it.

Thank You Lord for the new vision You’ve given me, and the resolve to see it through. I commit the vision to You Lord and authorize Your intervention at anytime You please. I submit my plans for Your approval. Today, Lord, my desire is to live holy before You, whatever the cost.

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