Strategic Evangelism

I have a friend who is always talking about strategic evangelism and how important it is not to spin your wheels, but to reach the most people for your efforts. Why would I waste my time with down and outers at main and Cordova, when I could be much more effective sharing with other businessmen?
I’ve been reading slowly through Mark, and I noticed that Jesus had quite a different take on it.
He made it clear that without a childlike faith, salvation wasn’t about to happen. Then he made wealth a barrier to the kingdom of heaven. That effectively eliminates a lot of applicants. It appears as though only the truly broken get a ticket. There seems to be a surplus of shipwrecked lives on the street, not that there isn’t in the boardrooms but at least most of them freely admit their shortcomings and their need for help. I’m wondering if Jesus were here today, would He be holding a crusade at the hockey arena? I don’t think so. He would probably continue His ways of healing the marginalized of our society, trying hard not to make a name for Himself, and practicing servant leadership.
I suspect that a lot of the flashy evangelistic efforts are designed to make the leaders look good. The success of a church is usually gauged by numbers, and a bigger church means the pastor is doing something right. So where did Jesus go wrong? He only had a handful of disciples and one of them screwed up. I think we have a worldly mindset regarding evangelism and church growth. Perhaps it’s time to practice simply sharing Jesus with hurting people and resist fame and bigness that would draw people’s attention away from Him. Discipling and serving a few men was good enough for The Lord of lords and King of kings, it should be good enough for me.
Bigger is not better, better is better.

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