The Visionary

Without determined people pushing through with their ideas, new frontiers would never be discovered. At times a visionary comes across as bull headed, single minded, focused, even obsessed.
The Holy Spirit’s leading by contrast is gentile and fluid, so very quiet and unobtrusive. Almost as though He wasn’t even there.
Our job is to be steadfast and true to our vision, at the same time be flexible enough that the Holy Spirit could interrupt our course with a new direction.
This involves holding our vision lightly before The Lord. If He is truly our Lord, then we’ve given Him permission to do such a thing. When we take personal ownership of a vision, it’s difficult to hold it lightly because our desire to fulfill it can become stronger than our desire to please Him. Also our pride can keep us on course when God may have wanted us to alter it.

Thank You Lord for the new vision You’ve given me, and the resolve to see it through. I commit the vision to You Lord and authorize Your intervention at anytime You please. I submit my plans for Your approval. Today, Lord, my desire is to live holy before You, whatever the cost.

In His Image …Rant

The great creator of the entire universe formed man in His image. No other living being shared that honor. No we weren’t made of slime plus time, nor were we descended from apes. Even though sometimes we act like we were. There is a fear in all other creatures of humans because of the image of God reflected in us. It’s inconceivable that we should make light of this by portraying dumb animals as somehow being capable of reason and speech as man does. It is incredibly insulting to a holy God, after He gave us the exclusive privilege of being created in His image.
All the computing power in the 1st space ship that went to the moon was less than the IPhone that I carry in my back pocket has. In the same way, the smartest dog in the world doesn’t even come close to the reasoning power of my 3year old grandson.
Christians should be to ashamed to pay money to see animals that can talk and reason like men. Patronizing these fairy stories is reinforcing the myth of evolution. Right from the start, God created us uniquely to all creation. What fools we have become. Any idiot can see that animals are a world apart from mankind, yet we perpetuate a lie. We need to grow up and stop excusing make believe stories as just entertainment when really it’s an affront to God.
Many years ago I worked as a mall Santa. One day it dawned on me that I was lying to every kid that sat on my knee. I repented. I wore my Santa suit home and took it off before my own children, so they could see that Santa was really a fake.
I watched a few minutes of a movie touted as a Christian classic where some kids went into a closet and came out the other side to a world where animals talked and were human like. The story became more and more ridiculous as the author attempted to twist God’s order. It was a blatant mockery of God’s creation. What was the writer thinking? Some Christians are unbelievably naive of what the devil is doing in this world. Isn’t there enough insanity and unreality in this world without Christians writing make believe stories. Satin would like to keep us dumbed down by having us play trivial mind games and live in an illusionary world. Its ok for children to pretend in their play, but when they grow up, we hope they will take life more seriously.
Peter Pan was the boy that never wanted to grow up. Unfortunately much of christendom has subscribed to the same spirit. 1cor. 13:11 comes to mind…
When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.

Strategic Evangelism

I have a friend who is always talking about strategic evangelism and how important it is not to spin your wheels, but to reach the most people for your efforts. Why would I waste my time with down and outers at main and Cordova, when I could be much more effective sharing with other businessmen?
I’ve been reading slowly through Mark, and I noticed that Jesus had quite a different take on it.
He made it clear that without a childlike faith, salvation wasn’t about to happen. Then he made wealth a barrier to the kingdom of heaven. That effectively eliminates a lot of applicants. It appears as though only the truly broken get a ticket. There seems to be a surplus of shipwrecked lives on the street, not that there isn’t in the boardrooms but at least most of them freely admit their shortcomings and their need for help. I’m wondering if Jesus were here today, would He be holding a crusade at the hockey arena? I don’t think so. He would probably continue His ways of healing the marginalized of our society, trying hard not to make a name for Himself, and practicing servant leadership.
I suspect that a lot of the flashy evangelistic efforts are designed to make the leaders look good. The success of a church is usually gauged by numbers, and a bigger church means the pastor is doing something right. So where did Jesus go wrong? He only had a handful of disciples and one of them screwed up. I think we have a worldly mindset regarding evangelism and church growth. Perhaps it’s time to practice simply sharing Jesus with hurting people and resist fame and bigness that would draw people’s attention away from Him. Discipling and serving a few men was good enough for The Lord of lords and King of kings, it should be good enough for me.
Bigger is not better, better is better.