This term began by simply meaning someone who was afraid of homosexuality. It quickly progressed to anyone who spoke out against it. Now the word can refer to anyone who even passively disagrees with the gay agenda. Fear of being labeled homophobic has paralyzed normally outspoken individuals who for whatever reason found even the slightest thing wrong with homosexuality. In spite of the bible’s outright condemnation of homosexual acts, the Christian church and Christian leaders have remained conspicuously silent for fear of reprise. Unfortunately fear is not the only reason. It’s become increasingly hard to find a Christian who even believes what the scriptures have to say on this subject. All kinds of justifications are given as to why the scriptures don’t really mean what they say about homosexuality. How far we have strayed, from a true authentic Christianity to a post modern relativity. Holiness is now something we just sing about, not actually do.
I fear that giving in on this issue spells the death kneel on any semblance of free speech from Christians. The lines are clearly drawn and soon it will become physically dangerous to speak truth to this lost society.


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