Climate change

“Disaster strikes at the heart of climate change deniers”
This is the headlines of the Vancouver Sun callously used to announce the Oklahoma hurricane.
Nobody’s denying climate change, climate changes all the time, it’s whether humans play a part in the change that is at question.
Anyone who’s travelled to a third world country would realize that our puny efforts here have little to do with climate change, even if climate change happened at the hands of Man rather than natural causes. The environment abuses and pollution in India alone is 1000 times worse than that of the west. China’s air pollution volume is enough for the entire world. Some of my Chinese friends told me they had never seen a blue sky until they came to Canada. Our efforts would be far more productive if we were to pressure them to clean up their act rather than putting restrictive environmental legislation on ourselves. These restrictions further weaken or financial situation and in turn, our voice to the world about abuses.

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