Margaret Thatcher

R.I.P. Ms. Thatcher and may your feminist comments rest with you.
“If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman.”
With all due respect for her tremendous accomplishments as PM of England, her gender discrimination cannot be overlooked.
If a public figure were to quote this with the genders reversed, there would most certainly be such an uproar that they would be forced from office. This quote is blatant racism at its ugliest, but because its targeted at men, it’s tolerated. Why has it become commonly acceptable to berate men? Personally I find comments like this rude, offensive and disrespectful. Feminism has evolved into just another form of racism, and yet it’s allowed this kind of gender slur because of course men are inferior to women aren’t they? Men are seen as blithering idiots and stumbling buffoons, only useful for serving women’s careers by being their household slaves. The new metro man is relegated to incompetent moron status who is fed beer, football and boobs to maintain his redundancy. Even men have played the fool, as they’ve begun to believe the feminist lie and see themselves as inferior to woman. Next time a guy jokes and says “I’ve got to ask the boss first” before he buys anything bigger than a chocolate bar, you know you’ve met a gelding.
When feminism rears its ugly head, speak up against this social evil, and let it be known that its just wrong.

One thought on “Margaret Thatcher

  1. Fabulous post!!! Thatcher was a great politician, and did much good. She is hardly notable for her gender discrimination, as feminism of that day was much more blatant and ugly from its other public proponents, but with a quote like the one in this blog, one can only wonder how deep it actually ran. Stand up men! Don’t let your vital role in society be neutralized.

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