Bishop Michael Ingham

“It’s time to hang up my miter, park the shepherd’s staff, pull the ruffles off my fancy sleeves and go play golf,” Ingram wrote in his resignation letter.
Being christened as an infant then at 13 confirmed in the Anglican Church of Canada, I feel I have a vested interest in how the church is lead.
The shepherds staff speaks of true caring leadership that lays down it’s life for the flock as Christ did for the church.
Mr. Ingham’s single most noteworthy issue was to bless the gay and lesbian lifestyle. In doing so he has aligned himself with their cause. He gained international notoriety as the first Anglican bishop to do so.
He succeeded in leading the church about as far from orthodox Christianity as possible. Condoning sexual acts and the subsequent lifestyle that the scriptures describe as detestable, vile and abhorrent to a Holy God. When his office could have been used to promote tremendous benefit to the church and society, it was squandered on a narrow self interest group whose stated goal is to destroy the church.
Perhaps his retirement to golf will make him as relevant and useful to society as his miter and ruffled sleeves made him when he was a bishop.

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