Hugo Chavez

I don’t want to die, please don’t let me die. These were the final words of a dictator clinging to life as it slipped from his grasp. The desperate words of a man, knowing he was going to hell. The inevitability of death erases any good deeds a man may have accomplished during his short tenure God has allotted him. The adoration of supporters during this life, does little to comfort in face of ones mortality. The point of death is the line in the sand, once crossed, there is no turning back. Death is indiscriminate and decisive. Only Christ, and His followers pass through it with apparent impunity to its ravages.
How we die is often a reflection of how we have lived. If we only lived for our selves, for our own pleasure, when death comes knocking, all is lost. Those who are at peace with their maker, have nothing to lose and everything to gain in death. The picture of a man pleading for his life, is a sorry indictment of an ill spent life. A misguided leader of a corrupt governmental system.

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