The Retired Entrepreneur

Suddenly I find myself surrounded by great business opportunities, but I can’t touch them because I’ve committed myself to being retired. Like a retired sea captain who longs for the sea. The challenge, the excitement of making a deal work is all gone. “Go play golf, enjoy your life.” Little do they realize that it was enjoyment, total enjoyment. Most people endure their jobs and look forward to the weekends. I couldn’t wait for Monday morning when I was back doing what I was most comfortable at.
I was privileged to have a free reign to be creative in my businesses for 45 years, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely.
It’s never been about the money. I derived just as much pleasure from a hundred dollar deal as from a million dollar deal. The challenge of seeing the deal, implementing it, then bringing it through to completion, is exciting.
I’ve heard people say “it’s hard to find an idea to start a new business.” Like an artist sitting in a garden with a clean palette. Like a kid in a candy store. Just pick a direction and go! There are so many business opportunities, how could someone not see them? As our economy slows and bankruptcies increase, it becomes an ideal climate for smart businesses to expand and take over new territory.
But it’s all gone now. Like a punch drunk has been boxer, that hangs around the gym, watching the young kids spar. I still hang around the shop and watch my son have all the fun directing the ship. My phone hardly rings anymore. If I’m gone for a week, the business carries on without me.

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