Life is Hard

“Life is hard then you die.” What a morbid quote but so very true. Have you ever met someone who’s life was without problems? Only when you die do they cease. Actually for those who have chosen to reject God, their problems have just begun. They now have all eternity to look forward to explaining to Him why they rejected His Son’s sacrifice for them.
Back on earth, for Christians that thought they could escape problems, Paul has good news for them in 2Tim.3:12
“Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” At least they have the peace and assurance of knowing they are on the right course.
For half baked Christians, they are resisting their master. Trouble and spankings are sure to ensue.
Non Christians are suffering the the cause an effect of living at odds with their creator. There is no real peace for them.
A key is to embrace the problems of life. They aren’t about to go away so we might as well embrace them. For those who are not in a right relationship with God, it’s not about to get any better without Him, no matter how hard you try. Christian, be thankful that when the storms of life come, you have an ever present place of refuge.
Some might say, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Life’s never been really hard for you. Well you’re wrong. I watched my 19 month old daughter die for no apparent reason. How could a loving God ever allow that to happen? Well He did, and I’ve come to be at peace with His sovereignty of the situation.
I’ll never forget being at the hospital with a friend who had just broken his leg in a soccer match. He was not an emotionally frail person but the intense pain was too much for him to endure. I remembered what I learned in prenatal class with my wife. “Don’t resist the pain, just let it come over you.” Later he thanked me and said my advise was helpful.
Today, I’m looking forward to facing whatever problems that might come my way and dealing with them, knowing that God is at my side.

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