The hidden treasure

My wife and I help out on the Salvation Army soup line once a week at Main and Cordova street. Occasionally we invite a few of the guys we meet over for dinner. Their lives are such a mess that they can seldomly get it together to actually come. Last week was no exception as we invited 7 and 3 showed up.
Cocaine addicts are always tough to reach as they are under such bondage to the drug.
Of the three that came, one was an occasional user that has serious drug induced mental issues which prevent him from obtaining employment or function socially. The second suffers physically from a potpourri of illnesses from his long time drug lifestyle. He is bitter and twisted.
The third fellow is a Christian, thou barely distinguishable from his non Christian friends. He is depressed, suicidal, and unmotivated.
I thought, such is the kingdom of God ! It’s just like God to show his love and kindness to such a motley crew. What a privelage to be partners with Him in expressing that love and care to His lost sheep. You know I could have easily missed it. My natural tendency would have been to dismiss them as not worth spending the time on. The likelihood of any of them ever overcoming their problems is fairly remote.
Jesus has hidden himself in the lowest of the low.

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