Emotional Orthodoxy

When you’re under 25 years old, shame on you if you’re not a charismatic, you have no heart. If you’re over 25, shame on you if you’re not reformed, you have no brains. The problem is there’s a pride that comes with thinking deeper about your theology and obtaining a more solid approach to orthodoxy. The baby gets thrown out with the bath water, as any emotional responses to Jesus become viewed as immaturity. God made us to reason and think but He also gave us emotions to respond to His love. Could you imagine how your wife would respond if you said “I love you with my head” or “uh, sorry dear, no more sex, it’s too emotional.”
I lost my 19 month old daughter to an unknown illness. I was a typical male with controlled emotions up to this point in my life. Something happened deep within me that 17 years later has not abated. Whenever I’m at a funeral, wedding, or any situation that is heart wrenching, I feel like an emotional basket case. The worst is whenever any reference to The Lord is made, I still get all choked up. Is this a normal human response, or have I just gotten soft headed? If you are one of my kids, you’re not allowed to answer that question.
Emotions are very much a part of normal Christian life, and to deny your emotions is to only experience a part of God’s fullness. It is not spiritual maturity. The notion that all you need is in the bible, that no emotional experiences are required is total horse hockey. God wants all of you, lock stock and barrel. Withholding it is short changing your Lord of what is rightfully his. David danced before The Lord with all his might, in a loin cloth! In public! Was he crazy or what? No, he was filled with the Holy Spirit.
~ He was filled with the Holy Spirit ~

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