The Gift of Life

Last week my son and his wife gave birth to their 3rd child. A son named Sam. A son indeed for he carries his fathers namesake, along with great hope that he would accomplish greatness in his life. That he would have a noble spirit and a sound mind. Our prayer is one of thanksgiving to a marvelous God, who creates life from love, and beauty in simplicity. This child is born with such hope that no sacrifice is to great to nurture and care for him. In his uniqueness, he will serve God’s kingdom, and take his place in the tapestry of believers. We will make sure of that as we dedicate his life to His service, and commit ourselves to praying to that end.
Lord Jesus take this boy and make his life pleasing to The Father. Protect him from the spirit of this age that would rob him of his inheritance. Guide his steps as only you can. We pray that Your Holy Spirit would be strong in him, and go before him, to proclaim Your greatness to a hurting world.
Thank You Lord for such a wonderful gift. Thank You, thank You, thank You. Thank You for the gift of Sam.

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