Spiritual Gifting

What is more important, to develop our Christian character or to seek spiritual gifts from God? It’s God who grants gifts in men, but character development is entirely up to us.
God is a jealous God, who doesn’t share His glory with anybody. It’s difficult to exercise God’s gifts without taking some the glory to ourselves. Real estate signs often have a picture of the listing agent on them. I could never understand why we would want to see a mug shot of an agent when we really just want to know about the property. In the same way, while we should be acknowledging God, we often take the credit unto ourselves when He uses us in a supernatural way.
If you were to rate ministries on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being full of themselves, and 10 reflecting God accurately, Mother Teresa would be a 10 and the Y2K doomsday prophets a 1 or a 0. The object being how can I make my ministry all about God and not all about me? Of course it’s impossible for God’s word to filter through me without some of my personality rubbing off. Even guys like Billy Graham don’t get it right all the time. My 1st blog about dogs was just me having a bit of fun, ranting on about one of my pet peeves. I do however feel there is some truth to what I said so I’ll give it a 2 or 3. My last blog I felt totally inspired, but proverbs says a man’s testimony about himself is not true. I’m hoping the #’s on that one were a little higher.
I was reading about a preacher who went bad and I noticed that he was bemoaning the loss of his ministry as though it was something he had ownership of. I guess he forgot who’s church it was and who he was leading it on behalf of. When we take possession of our ministry as though it is our property, God is not too impressed.
There are 4 things we can do to improve your “God vs me” score.
1./ Soak yourself in the Word of God. Absolutely mandatory. If you are ever going to speak His word, you need to know it inside out and have a steady diet of it.
2./ Deal with your stuff. You need to deal harshly with the secret sins in your life. If you are not vulnerable with your brothers about your shortcomings, they will come back and bite you in the end.
3./ Everyone needs a pastor. The further up the ladder you go, the more you need to be accountable to someone or a group of people. There is no place for spiritual Lone Rangers in the kingdom. Even he had a sidekick to keep him in check.
4./ Put systems in place that will remind you of “who’s church is this anyhow.” If you’re a pastor, that means you can’t run a one man show anymore. You are not that important that you can’t be replaced. His church was designed to run better as a corporate entity. If you’re a teacher, you need to be mentoring others to teach rather than hogging the mike. If you fancy yourself as a prophet, you need to be part of a team and submit your words for their correction, or you’ll get all bent out of shape.
God will give us stewardship of His gifts, we just need to work on our character and our obedience to Him.

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