An old friend recently gave me a critique on my blog. She said there was a lack of humility in it. Not the boastful type of pride but one that holds to opinions as though they were fact. She’s probably correct on that one. (I’m trying to hold lightly my opinion of her critique.) Upon more consideration I thought, well at least I have some conviction of my opinion.
Once I met a pastor of a large cultish congregation and asked him a question. “Why don’t you guys get along with and meet with the other pastors in the city?” He replied, “if I really believe I’m right about something, and someone believes differently, then they are inherently wrong.” His response has stuck in my mind for many years. The problem with his logic is that his reference point for what is right or wrong is his personal view of everything. Anyone who disagrees with his viewpoint is wrong. That sets up his mind as infallible. Kind of like the pope.
Opinions are just that, opinions, not fact. The answer is that there’s safety in the multitude of councilors as long as one of them we seek happens to be the Holy Spirit. So as long as I do due diligence when developing my opinions, check them out with the scriptures as to their validity, and am honest with myself and not just being stubborn, I can be reasonably certain that I am about 82% correct. On the overwhelming assurance of my position of strength, I can confidently open my mouth and state my opinion. Perhaps even write a blog about it. At least it’s better than being lost in the valley of indecision and never having an opinion about anything.
In China, men have been trained to be afraid to speak up about anything. Mao very effectively silenced dissenters as they would conveniently disappear.
I’ve been inspired by reading about John Wesley, the British evangelist who at a young age, boldly spoke his conviction.
There is a lot of pressure in our society to be politically correct about our opinions relating to righteousness in a sinful world.
Where are the Mavericks today? We are so preoccupied with petty theological arguments between us, that we don’t challenge the rest of the world about their Ungodliness.
The spineless sniveling cowards masquerading as men that proliferate our churches are so afraid to state any opinion that goes against the flow that they say nothing. Fear that someone might disagree with them and possibly hurt their feelings, paralyzes them except to criticize anyone who does speak up. Jesus said “the fearful will not inherent the kingdom of heaven” and I kind of like the idea of one day going to heaven. Therefore, I will continue to read my bible and blog frequently. If you don’t like my opinion, I’m ok with that.

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