Today I ran a red light. There wasn’t a car in sight either way. Besides that it was totally safe and I was in a hurry. Did I have a tinge of guilt when I did it? Well, maybe a little bit. But I’ve exercised my mind to block out any guilt feelings for minor infractions. God overlooks the details of my little insignificant shortcomings and really just looks on my heart.

What’s wrong with this logic? The first part is purely an excuse to justify wrong doing. Yes, God looks on our heart and what He sees is that it is wicked and deceitful above all things. This logic implies that if your heart is basically good, a little sin is cancelled. Sounds a lot like a works based salvation to me. Now this little sin is sin for which Christ died and paid the penalty of death for. Guilt feelings are another name for a violated conscience. A shortcoming is really just a fancy word for sin. There are no insignificant ones and last I checked, the only way to deal with sin is to repent of it.
The other day I was talking to a friend who described a few possible excuses he would give to a cop for his faulty tail light if he got pulled over. Didn’t have time, was on the way to the shop to get it fixed, didn’t know it was blown out? Essentially he was premeditating a sin.
When a person’s desire is to sin, he will go through all kinds of mental gymnastics and become very creative in his effort to justify what he wants to do.
When one develops a love for righteousness, and a desire to be holy, life is not as complicated. Issues are either right or wrong. The decision boils down to doing it God’s way or your way. Doing it your way is like guessing a number in a Sudoku game. It has a domino effect and the whole game goes wrong. Doing it God’s way brings His blessing. Everything you do just seems right. That’s because it is right.

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