When a sinner sins, that’s their normal behavior. That’s why they’re called sinners. When a Christian sins, it’s out of character and totally unacceptable behavior. When a pastor sins, one who has tasted of the goodness of God, so much so that he leads others in it. Even sinners sense that there’s something really wrong about it. How much more does God take a dim view of it. I would not want to be in his boots on The day of reckoning.
Today someone told me about a married woman who had a long term secret affair with her pastor.
“God knows my heart, and I really want to do the right thing. How could it be wrong if it feels so right, and we really care about each other.” How does that work? Was she praying about it? What did God say? Maybe she dialed up the wrong god? What about the pastors’ wife and kids, and the poor church? What about her husband? Even if he was a jerk. How would she justify it to her kids? One reason God forbids adultery is …people get hurt.
I know of another pastor who was caught in a relationship with a choir member. This is not a small time little pastor like me, but a big name well known pastor. Get this …..they were not actually having sex, just hang’n around together with nothing on, so technically it wasn’t really adultery. Uh, I was born on a Monday, but not last Monday! He and his wife believe it was a spiritual attack from the enemy. He got that one right, problem is he gave into it, and now it’s just called sin. It gets worse. The church leader and group of pastors that support him don’t want to expose him and upset the church. He’s back in the ministry. What happens when the church finds out? He’s going to have a big millstone hang’n about his neck, along with the cover up crew.
Who do they think they’re fooling. As if God doesn’t know about it. Perhaps He was busy elsewhere or maybe He thinks it was ok ??? I think not.
Some things in life you get one kick at the can. Marriage and ministry might fit into that category. Perhaps God will forgive them, but at the moment I’m having a tough time of it. Maybe that’s why He’s God and I’m not.

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