I know a fellow who is always talking about God’s grace but is intolerant of others sin. He is clear on salvation by grace but his day to day Christian life is one of works. I’ve talked to him about it but he just doesn’t see it.
Should we write off this type of person as apostate? What does God think of him and his errors?
He’s had years of drug abuse that have scrambled his brains. Coming to Jesus and getting his life straightened out was an absolute miracle after the life he led. He has been forgiven much and so he loves much.
I think God has Grace for our theological errors. We would crucify the guy for misinterpreting a few scriptures, while God looks on the man’s heart. Has he repented or does he continue in sin? Does he love righteousness and despise wickedness? Dare I judge the servant of another and incur His wrath upon myself?
I’m always cautious about criticizing another Christian for not believing as I do. I think when I get to heaven, I’ll be surprised at who’s not there and even more surprised at who is!
I fear for the radio preacher that has all the answers. Anyone that buttons God down and puts Him in a box is on dangerous grounds. Those who would argue about the details of the faith are a divisive force in the body of Christ. Generally speaking, I think it’s better to preach what’s right than judge another Christian for preaching what’s wrong.
A few months ago I read “Hell’s best kept secret” by Ray Comfort. It has totally changed the way I look at evangelism. I now see that repentance is crucial to evangelism in a way that I have never seen before. His method of presenting the gospel may not be the way I would do it, and sure he has some funky ideas about the Ten Commandments. But then I’m sure some people would take issue with some of my weird ideas. So we “eat the meat and spit out the bones.”
Yesterday my son sent me a long and exhaustive critique of Mr. Comfort’s theology written by a well known group of ministers. I could not bring myself to read it out of respect for him.
Is there not enough positive work to do for the kingdom of God without nitpicking about the details of another’s theology? Does he not love Jesus with all of heart, and serve him to the best of his ability? Is he a Mormon or a J.W. or a post modern heretic worthy of exposing?
So where is the biblical precedence that gives us the right to criticize the servant of another?
In Matthew, Jesus says “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”
My question is, are they gathering or scattering?

One thought on “Scattering

  1. Ray Comfort’s theology has some very serious and dangerous flaws. If you feel confident that you can see through them, then by all means eat it up and spit out the bones. But for most Christians, it is not so easy to see. They are more likely to just eat it all, to their detriment. This is not a matter of divisiveness, it is a matter of careful correction of errant theology. Just like Paul did not hold back from writing very pointed and firm letters holding correction to the errant theology of different churches. Paul was not being divisive at all.
    To characterize the necessary correction and exposure of bad theology in Christian circles as divisive is a mistake.
    The articles exposing Ray Comfort were actually written in a real spirit of Christian love as part of a discussion directly with The Way of The Master. The blogger even posted the full text of the response from TWOTM.

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