In doing a series on anger at our church, I discovered an interesting fact. We say “he made me angry,” shifting the blame for our anger onto someone else. My wife is learning Spanish and she tells me that they say “I am angry” making it personal, never blaming someone or something other than ourselves. We blame the traffic, the economy, the weather, other people, anyone or anything but where the blame should fall. The fact is, anger is our problem and we need to take ownership of our actions.
The anger of man is a destructive force, it has no mercy, and often injures everything in it’s path. People seldomly handle their anger very well. Either they explode in fits of rage, they simmer and manifest later or their personality becomes intolerant of anyone that crosses their will. Either way, everyone has to tippy toe around them so as not to upset the sleeping giant. The issue is control and nobody wants to upset the angry person so they are manipulated into obeying his every whim. In contrast, God is slow to anger, quick to be merciful.
As Christians, we learn that our anger does not accomplish the purposes of God but gives an opportunity to the devil to wreck havoc in our lives. An angry person is an unforgiving person and when someone gives full vent to his anger, they are nothing but a fool.
We also learn that there is freedom from an angry spirit for those who repent of it and seek reconciliation with their maker.
There is a peace and a contentment that awaits the soul that has learned how wonderfully freeing it is to practice forgiveness as God forgives us.

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