Retirement is when I’m no longer useful to society and they want to put me out to pasture like an old horse.
When my biggest thrill in life is hitting a little white ball around in the grass. (golf) It’s when they say “go play, you’re redundant now” It’s taking up life’s most useless, totally self centered, unbiblical, wastes of time called retirement. At the time in your life when you could be the most productive and have the greatest earning potential. To throw away 65 years of learning and preparing, to squander all that’s been invested you is a travesty beyond measure. Freedom 55 is the slogan of a dream and people’s plans to opt out of society at 55 years old.
Someone I knew retired at 59 and spent his last 20 years traveling to somewhere hotter than here. It was a tragic waste as his grandchildren were deprived of getting to know their grandparents.
My desire is to make my last years here significant for the kingdom of God and a blessing to my family. It’s not as much how you run the race but how you finish it that counts.
The scriptures say that a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, not just spending his children’s inheritance as so many do today. With 8 grandchildren and counting, I’ve got to make a few more dollars to qualify as a good man.

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