A very smart man once wrote that insanity was doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result each time.
The president assured us that another term would continue the progress he’s made over the last four years.
So the 6 Trillion dollars of debt he put the country into, which is more than 200 years and 43 presidents have indebted the country in total, (excepting Bush), can be expected to continue.
Ben Bernanke gets to continue entertaining us with his folly as his printing presses roll out more unbacked fiat currency. He has another term to inflate their way out of the financial mess they’re in. That sounds like an intelligent economic policy.
It was never any fun having the US dollar as the currency standard of the world anyhow. We should let another country have a turn at it. Perhaps China would like to.
The utter destruction of the American manufacturing industry, by failing to protect it by free trade, will continue. But that’s OK, dollar stores are improving their quality.
Exciting news for the gays, they can now get married in Colorado and our neighboring state Washington. That sounds like great moral progress.
The news showed Washington Democrats rejoicing because marijuana is now legal in their state. I’m sure that will improve their driving habits and add new enthusiasm and drive to their workforce. Just what the economy needed.
As they race towards insolvency, America really needed the increased financial burden of Obamacare to assist them on the journey.
Perhaps a reduced population due to the now mandatory health insurance coverage of sterilization, contraceptive and abortive pills, will be a progressive moral change. After all, they need to make room for the flood of foreign immigrants due to anemic immigration laws.
Perhaps if we leave the Taliban alone, they won’t bother us. 9/11 was a long time ago, and I’m sure they’ve changed their minds since then. Muslim’s are only radical in other countries. The trouble they’re giving France would never happen in the US.

Congrats Mr. Obama for besting the Republican used-car salesman. You get to kick the can down the road a little longer.

3 thoughts on “Obama

  1. Canadian and Aussie dollars are now being classified as reserve currencies by the IMF did you know. Unsurprisingly and unfortunately they didn’t say gold…but it’s still good news for our loonie.

  2. The 2012 election results were troubling in a number of ways. First, the “mainstream” media in the US should get an “assist” for Obama’s re-election! The biased coverage left me wondering about the ethical conviction of journalism to report the news in a manner that is truthful, objective, impartial, and fair. This slant reflects the larger perspective that Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions” has been successful in capturing the thinking of the arts, schools, universities, newspapers, media, courts etc. Next, the election highlighted a tipping point in terms of the demographics of future electorates. Of particular concern is the growing number of those dependent upon the government who are tempted to vote out of self-interest.

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