I heard of a statistic about the people that bonding companies bond. 10% would never steal. 10% would steal. Of the remaining 80%, if they thought they could get away with it, would steal. Let’s say 1/2 the population is bondable, that works out to 95% of the world is basically dishonest! That’s presupposing the 5% are telling the truth about themselves.
Now we all know there is no such a thing as an honest person.
How are you today? “Fine thank you” is the standard response.
You’ve just lied. We all tell a myriad of lies, half truths, and exaggerations (lies) during the course of a day. If someone says they are an honest businessman, they’re lying. We are ALL dishonest to a degree. The difference is some people confess their lies and deal with their dishonesty and others try to hide them. The issue becomes how honest you are about your dishonesty.
Take banks for example. They hire nice smiley frontmen who are super friendly and even remember your name. Yet bank policies have destroyed the financial fiber of the richest nation in history. Real estate agents talk about the great service they offer and yet their customer satisfaction record is dismal not to mention the cost of property is increased by at least 5% because of the outrageous fees they charge every time they make a transaction. Politicians talk about how they are all for helping the common man, and yet the enslavement their deficit budgeting brings, targets the common man more than anyone.
In some countries, the government cheats the people. The people, in return, cheat the government. Then thinking that cheating is OK, or at least it has become the norm,they cheat each other. Nobody trusts anybody. When they immigrate to canada, they bring their habitual cheating into our society and we really don’t like it. We don’t know how to deal with a race of people that think it’s OK to cheat the system. When we cheat, we feel bad about it, but when they cheat, it’s without conscience because they were brought up thinking it’s OK. Our new justification for cheating has become “everyone does it.” Our morality (or the lack of one) is being shaped by who we allow to emigrate.
I remember a client calling me to say they didn’t believe we had salted their parking lot because nobody saw us do it. I said of course we did, that’s why you were billed. In 32 years of salting parking lots, seldomly has anyone ever questioned our honesty. Then it dawned on me, in the country she’s from, business is not done on a trust basis and the thought of trusting me was a foreign concept to her.
There are many reasons for the decline in our honesty. It’s easy enough to pick on another race and blame them for our faults, but honesty really begins with us. We need to take responsibility for what we do. “Everyone does it” is blame shifting and a cowards way out of dealing with our own problems. The scripture says that “the heart of man is wicked and deceitful above all things.” Am I being honest is the question we should be asking ourselves. It’s a bit like washing your hands. It should be done several times a day. And so it is with honesty. We should be checking ourselves constantly.
I know someone that washes every hour. He verges on being a fanatic about cleanliness.
I want to be fanatical about pleasing my Lord.

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