I was at a conference recently when I felt that God’s grace was there for healing. At the end of the session, I mentioned it to my friend the speaker. At the next session, I didn’t have the same sense at all as the mood of the meeting was different. At the end of the meeting, the speaker asked those who wanted God to heal them to stand up. A few people stood and everyone gathered around and prayed for them. I went to the back row and prayed for someone I knew. One of the pastors was praying a long eloquent prayer for her along with her husband, so I waited my turn. I gently touched her back and prayed a very short simple prayer of faith asking God to heal her. Later that week I learned that several people had received remarkable healing from God, including the person I prayed for.
I learned a few lessons through that experience.
1./ First of all, The Holy Spirit moves where he jolly well feels like moving and is not dependent in the slightest on how I feel about it.
2./ God can move without me but does want to partner with me in fulfilling His purposes.
3./ on a personal note, I’m not very good at eloquent prayers so they don’t have to be long and flowery but simple, to the point, full of faith, and most importantly directed to God, not just for the benefit of everyone listening.
4./ He is certainly not interested in sharing His glory with anyone. Taking even a little bit of it for ourselves is robbing God of what’s rightfully His. If you’re going to steal, it’s not very smart to steal from God, you’ll get caught every time and he’s not big on thieves.
5./ God delights in working through His corporate body, not so much individuals. We are all jig saw pieces of the bigger picture.

Our God is a wonderful God. His heart is that all would come to know His goodness, grace and healing in their lives.

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