The Soap Box

At main and cordova, mike or gareth stand on the soap box to have a little preach and say a prayer before the soup line starts. 1st time I heard them shivers went down my spine. Like a bright light before 300 very dark, cold and lost men. Could it be that Jesus would be here? As I handed out hot chocolate, I had a deep sense of God’s love for each man. While they wait for the drink to be poured I have about 10 seconds to look into their eyes and ask how they are doing. A smile and an expression of care can express God’s love and catch them off guard. Some are visibly moved that someone would actually care. Others look away in shame. But with no one does it go unnoticed. Such a small gesture on my part, but these people are beaten, abused, rejected and desperately lonely. In a crowd of people, you’d think they’d have friends, but they are so used to using everyone for their own personal gain that life’s become a dog eat dog existence. It’s like feeding time at the zoo.
After the food runs out I look for people to talk to. Holy Spirit, make me sensitive to needy and broken people.

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