The Battle

I often feel like General Custer, surrounded by Indians and feeling quite outnumbered in the battle of life. At times it seems like I’m the most discriminated against person in the country…
I’m a Christian, not the nominal type but a bible believing, practicing, real live type Christian. The ones that the left leaning media loves to hate. Homophobic I think they call us. This recently created term is for anyone and everyone who happens to disagree with the gay agenda. In particular they target Christians because we don’t say that we don’t like gays, rather that God condemns their actions according to the scriptures. Right or wrong, everyone claims to have God on their side, in spite of what God says.
Another arrow that comes my way is because of my political views. Being right wing, conservative and not in favor of any socialist programs, automatically qualifies me for the term “bigot.” Interestingly Webster’s describes a bigot as “a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own.” In fact, the intolerance is of my views and the prejudiced attacks by the mind police are aimed in my direction. Anyone ever heard of a left leaning person called a bigot?
Attacks come from within our own ranks, as some Christians publicly attack other Christians, forgetting we serve a common master. I think they call that treason.
I’ve received rebuttals for my proliferation of offspring, as though there is a magic number, say 1.2, that beyond which is too many. As though it’s any better to have dogs. After all they are such magnificent animals, so intelligent and beautiful. And humans are not?? I suspect the real reason they prefer dogs to people is that they can’t talk back to them and give intelligent arguments for their stupidity.
The government penalizes productivity by charging a higher rate for anyone that is successful at business. Daring to break out of the middle class incurs a punitive tax response. Two years ago Revenue Canada did a full tax audit of my company. It must have cost them 10’s of thousands of dollars. A complete waste of my time. In the end they found absolutely nothing.
Being a male in this feminist dominated society type casts one as a beer drinking sex crazed sports junkie who has all the intelligence and relevance to society as a well medicated Walmart greeter does. It wasn’t my choice being born a man but I sure like it and I’m certainly not confused about the choice.
Being over 60 at one time garnered some respect. Gray hair used to mean you had attained a measure of wisdom from years of valuable experience. Now you are put out to pasture and considered redundant. Go play golf, travel and be self centered while the young and foolish take over.

“The good thing about when you’re surrounded by the enemy is you don’t have to worry about which direction to shoot.”
Can’t remember who wrote that quote but it’s fairly accurate and I’m OK with it. I guess if I wanted an easier path, I would have chosen Buddhism or perhaps joined the socialist hordes and parked my brains somewhere.
One should never let fear and common sense stand in the way. Battles are not for the cowardly, the feeble, or the faint of heart.

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