The name of Jesus

Ever notice how it’s easy to talk about Jesus around christians but around non chr. It’s so hard. That’s because his name is offensive to them. Scorn, ridicule, shame, weakness and disrepute are associated with His name. Satan’s hatred for the mention of His name is equal and opposite to the love we have for His name.

In parts of China, Muslim countries and other oppressive areas they learn His nature and reign with Him by partaking in his suffering. In the west we can choose not to suffer so we choose not to learn His nature or to reign with Him. It is a choice, a conscious decision we make. To identify with Christ, to take on His name is to invoke suffering.
Suffer? Who wants to suffer? Don’t all things work for out for the good of those who love Jesus? We want to avoid suffering at all costs. It couldn’t be God’s will that we should ever go through hardship in life. I want to experience the abundant life and live in the good of all that God has for me. So I keep silent and only mention my faith to those who I know are accepting of it.
A closer look at Romans 8:17 reveals that this kind of thinking is in opposition to God and that suffering is necessary.

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