Dog poop brownies

A father of 3 teenage children was having some difficulty convincing them that some movies were not good to watch because of questionable content. One evening mom was out and the kids wanted to a movie he’d previously nixed. “there’s just a little bit of swearing in it dad and besides, I hear those words all the time at school.” this time he felt worn down and said “go ahead if you must.”
Dad went into the kitchen to whip up food and emerged a while later with a tray of goodies. “fresh brownies guys, made em myself. By the way, I put a special ingredient in these ones but just a little bit though, you’ll never notice it.” “OK dad, what’s the special ingredient?” as they started to scarf them back. “Dog poop, but ever so slight amount that you’ll never notice it. Besides you’ve all seen it before haven’t you?”
“Blah” as they spit it out. That’s terrible dad how could you do that to us?” “Gosh that’s a bit like the movie isn’t.” “OK dad, we get the point, we’ll turn it off.”
I told that story to my kids about 15 years ago. The other day one of them mentioned a movie with some dog poo in it. I chuckled, a good story is better than a lot of lectures and gets remembered a whole lot longer.
Perhaps that’s why Jesus used stories and parables all the time. He was a master comunicator. Following His example, whenever I teach, I use as many little stories and parables as I can.
I heard an interesting statistic. A survey was done of bible school graduates. What percentage of time did they spend on content vs delivery in preparing a sermon. The result was about 90% on content and 10% on delivery. The same survey was done on some seasoned well known preachers. The results were opposite.
The egg headed students thought spewing a lot of facts was enough. The older preachers figured out that how you said it was more important than what you said. Not to minimize content but at least what you do say is remembered.
Next time you ask someone how the sermon was and the response is positive, ask them what was said. Watch them squirm and try to remember even the subject. If there was a good story, their memory would be much better.
Next time you think of a movie with questionable language, I’ll bet you’ll think of the brownies.

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