Harley tough guys

The Harley Davidson motorcycle has become the symbol of freedom and the American dream for so many people. It epitomizes the tough guy image for so many men of all ages. But is the Harley just an extension of their ego and what they would like people to view them as? Has the HD turned into a phalic symbol, look at me how sexy I look. Or I must be tough, after all I’m on a HD.
A few years ago I bought a HD Road King and was immediately impressed with how cheaply it was built. Lots of plastic and thin chrome. Built mostly in China. Apparently with more offshore parts than a Honda! To ride one is an experience. Nothing refined here, it just rumbles and rattles down the road like a gravel truck on 2 wheels. It gives the impression of speed but in reality the specs show it to be quite pedestrian compared to other bikes with even half the displacement. If noise were an attribute it would excel with it’s often copied never equaled deep-throated growl. As if to say look out I’m tough. If that were not enough it’s big. Too big for weaker men and certainly most women to handle. Mastering such a raw brute must certainly be left for only real tough guys. A feeling of power comes over you the moment you fire it up. You look down on mere mortals and are cavalier about mundane traffic laws. The noise and vibrations regularly sets off car alarms. There’s no denying it, there’s something that comes over you when you drive one. You’re cool, you’re tough, your driving a HD! It makes girls cry and inferior men fearful. You’ve also just experienced the spirit of the bike and I’m certain it’s not a good one.
Being cool is everything and your HD must pass the cool test. Black is the color of choice and flat black is even better. Any graphics must have an evil theme. Skulls, flames, death, sex, general toughness. Now you need a few tattoos to compliment the image. Same graphics rules apply here. The cool rules are unwritten but very specific and must be followed closely to be truly cool. Now you’re ready to face the world but wait there’s more. You must personally pass the cool test. The look, the attitude must comply. Like you’re the toughest guy around. Outa my way I’m cool.
HD riders are the biggest posers in the world. Try riding one without projecting the image. Impossible, HD has taken a hundred years to perfect the image and it’s built right into the bike.

This blog was inspired by the cartoon character Monty and his encounters with tough guys.

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