Business Success

 There are many reasons why a business becomes successful but luck is not one of them. These are some of the deliberate steps we have taken that made a difference. 
1./ honor God in all your descisions. He will in turn honor you. 
2./ remember that any business that makes nothing but money is unsuccessful. 
3./ Employees can make or break any business, so treat them with respect. Job satisfaction has little to do with money. Discover what it has to do with and make sure they get it. 
4./ Always arrange to pay your suppliers immediately. Never use them to finance your contracts by delaying payment. That’s why there are banks, or better yet only take on work that you can pay suppliers up front for.   Your supplier will give you preferential treatment and the best possible price. This policy will pay huge dividends down the road. 
5./ Have a policy to make room in your employment for foreigners and handicapped people. This is like an insurance policy against insolvency. 
 6./  Deliberately leave a little for the gleaners. Pop bottles, scrap metal, old stock, things that you could squeeze a little bit of money out of but for some people it would mean a lot. In this you honor their maker. 
 7./ working a 40 hr.  week is for hired staff. That’s when your work begins. Get used to it. 
8./ innovation and creativity are the keys to cutting edge anything. 
9./ Working hard is for horses and fools. Rather work smart. Use the very best machinery and tools you can buy. You will never regret it. 
10./ It takes at least 3 years to establish a business and 5 to really start making money. Most people quit or sell before 5 years and never see the fruit of their labors. Think long haul as in generational.

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