1Jn.3:9 the ESV bible says:
“No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God.”
 If you notice. It doesn’t say he that sin’s, for we all sin from time to time. It says he that makes a  practice of sinning. To practice means you intentionally repeat doing something with the purpose of improving at it, as you would do when practicing piano. 
 Usually someone doesn’t practice  something they don’t like doing unless they are addicted to it. 
 If you are a Christian and you are addicted to a sin, God can help you with it.
  If our heart is to please the Father, we can ask Him to reveal our inconsistencies so that we can change to be more like Him. He does so in such a gentle way. 
This process is called sanctification and it’s a necessary step for all Christians. 
 Yesterday I went to a party put on by a couple who were not walking closely with God. It was a curious mix of pagans and malcontent Christians. At some point in their Christian walk they had become offended at the church or stalled in the sanctification process. The friends they attracted were all in the same boat, sliding towards their old life. Jesus had become progressively marginalized and the joy of their salvation lost.
  I went with the prayer “Lord I’m available to speak your words of grace to the broken and rebuke to the proud.” 
 The only broken person I met all nite was a homeless bum at the doorway. I ignored him but later thought “Lord I missed my opportunity, give me another chance.” 

 Tonight I help on the soup line again. 

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