Someone asked me “what is it about Italians that you like?”
Well I guess mainly it’s their exuberance for life. 
 I’ve had my hair cut in east Vancouver by Joe or Mino at Sorrento Barbers for over 40 years now. It’s very entertaining to watch their old customers come in and jibber jabber in Italian. They are so expressive the way they use hand motions and intonations. My sister liked Italians so much she married one. That didn’t last long, he wasn’t fond of monogamy. 
 I drove a black BMW X5 SUV for the last four years. It did everything and did it well. The problem was that it was dead boring. After owning more than 500 vehicles, it succeeded in taking all the zest out of driving. 
 So… last month I jumped out and bought a Fiat 500. It’s Ferrari red with a ratty exhaust, a stick shift and a sun roof. I actually enjoy driving again! No it doesn’t have a hello kitty on the dash and no, it’s not my mobile purse as someone suggested.  
 I love going to Bosa’s for a capachinno. The place is full of life and gusto. They took some effort to make the ambience a real italian experience. 
 Have you lost your zest for life? Is your routine mundane? Instead of changing your wife or your car in search of fulfillment in life, how about some real change?  Jesus said follow me. He challenges us to leave it all behind and follow him. People used to joke about leaving and joining the French Foreign Legion for an adventurous life. Following Jesus has no equal. Repent of your sins and turn to Jesus. Your life will never be the same.  
 Your friends and family may disown you. I know a fellow who’s mother had him forcibly committed to a mental institute upon his conversion. You could lose your job. In parts of China that’s a very real possibility. You could be beaten and physically abused as in some muslim, hindu and buddhist countries. 
 You could have the devil and his host of demons do everything in their power to defeat you but have God in your corner. 
Sound exciting? 
 Radical Christianity is anything but boring. Nothing but total commitment will do. Jesus’s disciples turned the world upside down. This is not your average 4 door Chevy. This is a Ferrari on steroids type faith. Definitely not for the faint of heart. 
 If you’ve been immunized from real Christianity by a watered down politically correct version, if you’ve bought into the “accept Jesus into your heart and everything will be ok” version and you’ve gotten disillusioned because “it didn’t work”, well you’re dead right. It doesn’t work.
  Last week I was talking to an downtown addict and he became indignant with me. “I’m already saved. I accepted Jesus into my heart and I believe that Jesus died for my sins”      “Yea but you forgot to repent! Look at you, you’re living in squalor and have no concept of holiness or who God is.”
 He just added Jesus to his roster of trips that he’s into. Anything short of total commitment to Jesus is a joke, it’s a religious facade that has nothing to do with God. 

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