Natural Selection

If you believe in natural selection, survival of the fittest,
Then why is extinction such a big deal?
It’s a dog eat dog world. 90% of all species including all that we have fossil record of have passed into extinction. Animals eat other animals, natural disasters claim others. Life, death and extinction are the normal course of events. So why is man vilified for causing the demise of a few obscure species? After all we are just another form of animal descended from apes aren’t we?  If this process has gone on for millions of years and will continue for even more millions of years, it shouldn’t really matter too much if we lose a few little toads or owls. 

 On the other hand, if we put our trust in an awesome creator who made this earth in 6 days out of nothing, if He put order and beauty into this world and gave us stewardship over it, then all that he created is of infinite value and worth. We are obliged to take the very best possible care of it for we will be held accountable for our actions on the day of judgement. 
 If science is correct on this one then who really gives a rip about extinction. Stop whining about it. If you believe in natural selection, it really doesn’t matter how we live. In a few more million years, man will be extinct anyhow. 
…Choose your sides. 

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