After the game

 After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.
I saw a documentary showing a line of naked Jewish people waiting for their execution. It struck me that some once were bakers, some doctors, some important people, others bums. They all look the same in the end. Nothing they accomplished during their lifetime distinguished them from each other that the  inevitability of death would not erase. 
 When I mention to people that I help out on the soup line at Main and Cordova I get some interesting reactions. Most people’s remarks are “well that’s nice, good for you.” or “it’s pretty rough down there, that’s not for me.” the 1st reaction is a verbal pat on the back for being such a good person, helping out those poor reprobates. The second is saying they wouldn’t be caught dead in the wrong end of town. Both are condescending and display a superior attitude. 
 If we only knew God’s perspective it might change ours. We are all naked before Him. Our lives and our sins are laid bare for His inspection. Our every thought is an open book. In His eyes our pride and condescending attitude is as despicable as even the grossest sin we could imagine. 
 His heart is reflected in Mike’s prayer. “God, thank you for this community for their hospitality, that they allow us to come. We recognise it’s their community not ours. They live here and were the guests. God would you bless us. 
 Thank you Lord for the truck, the food, the donations, the volunteers, and our friends. We believe everything good is from you. God we ask that you will pour out healing, power, prosperity and wisdom into our lives. We also ask that you would use this food to strengthen lives. We ask these things in Jesus name. And all God’s people said …amen” (everyone shouts amen).  300 men are fed. 

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