I wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence. There’s a knob marked brightness but it doesn’t work.
Seriously though, TV dumbs down our children almost as fast as feeding them drugs would. All creativity goes out the window as we raise zombies. Their ability to reason or think logically is substantially diminished. The TV is like a blender that a mother puts food into then feeds the mush to her kids. It’s pre digestion of information so we don’t have think for ourselves. It wouldn’t be so bad if our media mother put a balanced diet into the TV blender but they don’t. The media is a socialist sympathetic, union loving, left wing bunch of pinko’s that have foisted their unsavory brand of pablum on us. We gobble the stuff up like it’s real truth we’re getting and actually think we’re educating ourselves with it. It’s OK if you want a degree in socialist thinking. They say “you are what you eat” and I’m sure that’s true of TV.

Consider the following statistics.
the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day. That’s 28 hrs. per week, or 2 mo. of TV watching per year.
99% of households own at least one TV.
The average U.S. household owns 2.24 TV’s
66% of Americans regularly watch TV while they are eating dinner.
Only 49% of Americans say they watch too much TV. That means the other half are in denial.
Parents spend 3.5 min. per week in meaningful conversation with their children while the kid watches an average of 1600 min. In the same time period being influenced by the tube.
By the time the average child is 12 they have seen 8000 murders and by 18 years old, 200,000 murders.
Are our children influenced by ads? After watching an average of 20,000 commercials per year they just might be.
Saturday morning cartoons have on the average 50 junk food ads per hr. Then you wonder why they would prefer to go to that nice little Scottish restaurant and eat plastic food rather than mom’s real food.

The day before my wedding I went out on the balcony of my 3rd floor apartment. My $50 orange plastic 14″ TV accidentally slipped out of my fingers into the dumpster below. We raised 9 children with no TV. Everyone thought we were nuts. “How could you raise all those children without a TV?”

I was in Hyderabad, India about 16 years ago. We were invited into a rural home and the 1st thing they did was proudly show us their altar. The cloth was carefully removed to expose their most prized possession. A TV! It was a 17″b&w vintage tube type TV. It must have cost about 2 months wages to buy.
What takes center place in our average living room? Nightly we bow down and pay homage to it’s control over our lives.

My friend, if you would like freedom from that horrible life threatening addiction let me help you. Now lean forward, unplug the monster, quickly take a scissors and cut the plug off so it won’t work anymore. Now you’re free at last! Raise your hands and say hallelujah I’m free!!

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