“When all men think alike, no one thinks very much”.
What a telling quote. We are like sheep in a lot of ways.
 The group of 7 were very talented Canadian artists. After seeing so many other Canadian artists copying them, I’m thinking, is any of them really creative or are they just cookie cutters of what was learned in art school.  In business we see the lack of creativity in franchises.  If it works here it must work everywhere. Try to find a shopping mall that is even slightly original. I’d love to see a mall that took a chance with mom and pop stores that were different than the big chains. I think it would be a great success. I might even shop there myself.
 The church has the worst record for creativity. Their evangelistic efforts are so predictable that even sinners stay away. Gosh, it worked last year, let’s do it again. Let’s button down the gospel into 4 easy steps. Let’s go down to the street and hand out tracts to the homeless.  Flipping through the radio dial you can always tell the Christian radio station. The songs all sound painfully alike. 

 I am constantly amazed at how God has put this world together. I guess that’s why we call Him the”creator”. He creates beauty and order out of nothing. The closer you look at what He’s made, the more beautiful it is. Ever look at a butterfly wing under a microscope?  In contrast, whenever men puts something together, for it to be beautiful you need to stand back a ways. 

 We serve a creative God and for us not to be creative is an affront to Him. 

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