I heard a quote saying “No man has the right to be tolerant to another for tolerance is an assumption of superiority”.
  We are all created equal but it’s what we do afterwards that makes us unequal. When someone’s actions interfere with your life or become offensive, it’s only natural to be intolerant to them. 
 If I’m having a picnic and a car alarm goes off. It doesn’t take long before I become intolerant of the owner of the continually beeping car. If someone abuses an animal, watch how quickly people come to it’s rescue and become intolerant of it’s owner. 
 I was waiting at a stoplight when a guy In the crosswalk winked at me. I flipped!!! I instantly became the most intolerant person on earth! I wanted to jump out of my car and pound the guy. Aarrggghh the dirty rotten so and so just made a pass at me!!! I felt violated and indignant, now they’ve really got me going. 
 Settle down Bill, even thinking about it makes my blood boil. 

 Is it possible that the emotion I was feeling may have been a reflection of God’s heart?  He uses the strongest possible words to describe their sin. Detestable, an abomination, vile.  It’s hard to separate the sin from the sinner but sometimes even God doesn’t bother making the distinction.  
 If God is intolerant of certain people because He is offended at their sinful actions, shouldn’t we be too? It doesn’t mean we don’t offer them an opportunity to repent and receive salvation.
 Tolerance has become an excuse to put up with all sorts of vile behavior in our society. We cower in fear of offending anyone and in doing so share in their condemnation. Even on the street, a cocaine addict remarked to me about a transgender in the soup line. “It’s wrong, it’s just plain wrong” he said in disgust. 
How much more should Christians speak up about what we feel is wrong? 
   All evil has to do to prevail is for good men to do nothing. 

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