Getting saved

It’s very important why you get saved. Let me explain. 
When you get saved because your life is difficult and you want Jesus to make life go smoother, guess what? Persecution is no fun at all. And if you signed up to escape trouble, when it comes, your faith will falter.
Coming to Jesus because He offers peace is a bit like getting married for sex. Sex is a wonderful gift from your spouse but really should not be the primary reason for getting married. I’m always leery when someone uses God’s peace as the main carrot to attract them to salvation.  With Jesus, an individual’s sin is always the main concern.   The salvation He offered was always tied to repentance and then trust.  Sometimes it was simply “follow me,” implying “leave what you are now doing (change or repent of it) and follow me.” 
If repentance is not somehow at the core, it won’t stick. Salvation based on your needs, other than to humble yourself and repent, is using God as a divine Santa Claus. Yes he gives us gifts but only in response to us turning to Him, not when we seek the gift before God.  We must be very careful not to offer cheap entry to a costly gospel.
  That reminds me…  When we tell people to accept Jesus as their personal savior, it puts it on God to prove that He’s worthy of our acceptance. He should be so lucky that we have checked Him out and reluctantly take Him on as our little god. This is thinly disquised post modern trash. 
   This is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings we’re talking about here. Actually it’s us that’s fortunate enough that He would even consider condescending to our low estate.  They have no idea about the magnitude of His being, and how incredible it is what He has done for us. If they truly understood they would instantly repent.  
It’s up to us to inform them!

One thought on “Getting saved

  1. This reminds me that the great revivals of the past 100 years or so began with waves of true, deep repentance. The people saw the holiness of God and knew the filthiness of their sin and how they needed salvation.

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