Dogs …My Rant.


Domestic dogs are downward degenerate mutants. Most have become so interbred that they couldn’t survive on their own.  Purebred is another name for an animal that’s been interbred so many times that it’s just plain stupid. Social engineering at it’s worst. Even the smartest dog could never reason as well as an average 3 year old child.     Keeping a dog is like having a 2 year old for 10 years then they die.   You never have the pleasure of seeing them growing up and maturing.   10 years of peri care of a stinky animal.   Hairs, fleas, destroyed upholstery, carpet, car seats.  They will never learn to talk, reason, make rational decisions or poop on the toilet.  They must be walked, fed, groomed and provided for.  You are their slave for life.   Dogs are costly. Buying dog food can be more costly than feeding a human.  Certainly  more than children of the same age.   Vet bills can be expensive while none are covered by medical insurance. There’s a whole new breed of dog owners …tough guys. As an extension of their inflated egos they have dogs that growl and look tough. Dobies, pit bulls and the like. Really! Grow up.    People dote over their dogs far more than their children.   If you walk by a dog park you can see them ooing and awing about how beautiful and smart their animals are.     What about people? Are they not infinitely more important than a dumb animal? And where are the children? Have dogs replaced our children in importance. One lady proudly said, oh these are my children.  My question is what does that make her? Today there are people in this world are starving from lack of food. For the lack of pennies per day for basic medicine, people are dying from diseases they could have been cured of. Yet we maintain animals that are not productive in the slightest.  This is a shame to our society and indicative of how self centered we have become.   We even give human names to animals. This is an insult to God who made us in His image, higher than dumb animals. He gave us his spirit and separated us from the beasts.  People knowingly chose to nurture and care for an animal rather than having children. Consciously disobeying God’s command to be fruitful and multiply. It is misplaced affection when people feel they must have dogs for companionship instead of humans.     I think the Indians got it right when they only kept a dog that was useful for hunting, security etc. and referred to them only as dog.
“Well they’re great companions” I’ve heard people say. Are we that socially inept that we must turn to dumb animals while there are people in our society desperate for friendship? How incredibly selfish can we be?
  What to do?        Treat dogs for what they are. Animals, not a human substitute. Don’t get a dog unless it will be used for work purposes such as hunting, security, police work, blind guide dog etc.  Dogs that cannot survive in the wild on their own without human intervention should be culled.   Dog owners should be made to keep their animals on leash and away from public areas where they could spread their diseases. Prosecute dog owners who allow their animals to run loose or crap in public areas. If I pooped on the sidewalk or on someone’s lawn they would throw me in jail! .  If I abused a dog, I would be in far more serious trouble than if I abused a person.
   God has a dim view of this sort of idolatry and His wrath will not be escaped.

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